Get more without increase your IT budget.

Growing number of students will mean bigger ICT budget required. FixEdu got you covered, Annual basis PC rental Program or direct purchase FixWare refurbished PC will help to achieve both students education needs & institution financial needs.

Flexible Options

Own it or Rent it

Huge Savings

Up To 40%

No. of Students Benefited

More than 5,000 Students


The Rental Laptop One Day One Ringgit Program

The Rental Laptop One Day One Ringgit Program is a program that provides laptops to underprivileged students for a daily fee of one ringgit.

The program is a cost-effective way to provide access to technology for underprivileged students. The daily fee of one ringgit is affordable for most families, and the laptops are reusable, so the program does not require a large upfront investment.

The Rental Laptop One Day One Ringgit Program is a model for addressing the digital divide. The program shows how public-private partnerships can provide access to technology for disadvantaged children. The program is also an innovative approach as it provides laptops on a daily basis, rather than requiring students to purchase a laptop outright.


FixEdu PC Rental Program is a great solutions to achieve your institution objectives both academically & financially. With Fixmaster past experience and track records, you can rely on us to deliver the required solutions to achieve your institution objectives.


At Fixmaster, we believe that sustainability is everyone's responsibility. That's why we have a Comprehensive Business Eco System for our products & solutions. At the end of the device service, we take them back, refurbished them & resell to other users that beneficial from our solutions. This means our devices can be used for many years, instead of being thrown away after just a few years in service.

By participating in FixEdu eco system, your institution are able to help to reduce carbon emission to our beloved planet earth.Lets do our part for a better future.